Networks of Countries Defined by the Dynamics of the COVID-19 Pandemic


A technique for forming, clustering and visualizing so-called correlation networks of countries determined by the dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic is here proposed. The links between countries as nodes of such networks correspond to the values of correlations between sets of parameters corresponding to the dynamics of the pandemic in these countries.

Wiki-index of authors' popularity


The new index of the author’s popularity estimation is represented in the paper. The index is calculated on the basis of Wikipedia encyclopedia analysis (Wikipedia Index –WI ). Unlike the conventional existed citation indices, the suggested mark allows to evaluate not only the popularity of the author, as it can be done by means of calculating the general citation number or by the Hirsch index, which is often used to measure the author’s research rate.

Hierarchies of Terms on the Euromaidan Events: Networks and Respondents' Perception


D. Lande, A. Snarskii, E. Yagunova, E. Pronoza and S. Volskaya Hierarchies of Terms on the Euromaidan Events: Networks and Respondents' Perception // 12th International Workshop on Natural Language Processing and Cognitive Science NLPCS 2015 Proceedings, 22-24 September 2015, Krakow, Poland. - pp. 127-139.

The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever


New data shows that the “vanishing” of polar ice is not the result of runaway global warming

Christopher Booker

The Lairds of Learning


How did academic publishers acquire these feudal powers? By George Monbiot. Who are the most ruthless capitalists in the Western world? Whose monopolistic practices makes WalMart look like a corner shop and Rupert Murdoch look like a socialist? You won’t guess the answer in a month of Sundays.

Are We Living in a Simulated Universe?


If the universe is just a Matrix-like simulation, how could we ever know? Physicist Silas Beane of the University of Bonn, Germany, thinks he has the answer. His paper "Constraints on the Universe as a Numerical Simulation" has been submitted to the journal Physical Review D.

Google Patents Social Media 'Auto Responder'


Google has patented a way to learn how you "react" on social media.
A new process patented by the search giant claims to be able to write "personalised reactions" based on your social history - without your explicit help.

Compactified HVG for the Language Network


International Conference on Intelligent Information Systems: The Conference is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, 20-23 aug. 2013,, Moldova: Proceedings IIS / Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, 2013. - P. 108-113.

Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse: Just Do the Math


This equation could spell your doom: (bN)(S/N)Z = bSZ. That is, if you ever found yourself in the midst of a zombie pandemic. That's because the calculation describes the rate of zombie transmission, from one walking dead individual to many, according to its creators, Robert J. Smith?, a mathematics professor at the University of Ottawa who spells his name with a "?" at the end, and his students.

Compactified Horizontal Visibility Graph for the Language Network


A compactified horizontal visibility graph for the language network is proposed. It was found that the networks constructed in such way are scale free, and have a property that among the nodes with largest degrees there are words that determine not only a text structure communication, but also its informational structure.

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