Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse: Just Do the Math


This equation could spell your doom: (bN)(S/N)Z = bSZ. That is, if you ever found yourself in the midst of a zombie pandemic. That's because the calculation describes the rate of zombie transmission, from one walking dead individual to many, according to its creators, Robert J. Smith?, a mathematics professor at the University of Ottawa who spells his name with a "?" at the end, and his students.

Virtual Twitter to help researchers mimic the real thing


Twitter is great for making friends and sharing links, but researchers are also increasingly using it to study human interactions. This is more difficult than it sounds, since privacy settings and caps on server access can make it hard to gather research data from social networking sites.

It'd be much easier to have a virtual Twitter for researchers to experiment on, like a kind of 140-character lab rat. So Vijay Erramilli and colleagues at Telefonica Research, Spain have built one.

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